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Jellyfin has two monitoring and metrics endpoints built-in: a basic health check endpoint and a Prometheus-compatible metrics endpoint.

Health check endpoint

Jellyfin exposes the /health endpoint designated for checking the status of the underlying service. Currently this will verify HTTP and database connectivity and return a 200 OK response if successful. You can see this for yourself by using curl:

curl -i http://myserver:8096/health

The -i option tells curl to also print the HTTP response code and headers.

Prometheus metrics

Jellyfin can make Prometheus metrics available at /metrics, but this is turned off by default to avoid unintentionally leaking this information on the public internet. To enable it, you will need to edit /etc/jellyfin/system.xml and change this line from false to true:


If you have a reverse proxy configured, you can configure it to block access to the /metrics endpoint except for your internal network.