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Quick Start

  1. Install Jellyfin on your system with the installation method for your platform.

  2. Edit the web configuration and adjust the options to fit your desired privacy level.

    • Our defaults sacrifice some absolute self-hosting for often requested features.
    • If this is concerning, please review the documentation and edit accordingly.
  3. Browse to http://SERVER_IP:8096 to access the included web client.

  4. Follow the initial setup wizard.

    • Libraries and users can always be added later from the dashboard.
    • Remember the username and password so you can login after the setup.
  5. Secure the server with a method of your choice.

    • Create an SSL certificate and add it on the Networking page.
    • Put your server behind a reverse proxy.
    • Only allow local connections and refrain from forwarding any ports.
  6. Enjoy your media!