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Regarding the Android betas

· 2 min read
Niels van Velzen
Android Lead

With the release of the first Android TV 0.12 release beta, this is a good time to explain how our Android beta programs work and how to start using them. The mobile app has used a public beta channel for around a year now and with the Android TV app coming close to a new release we're adding a similar program for that as well.

What is the difference between release and beta?

A beta version is an early build of an upcoming release. This means that most of the new features are available but there might still be some issues. In the case of the Jellyfin Android apps, we might release a beta version because we expect issues or want to test something with a larger audience. Generally the beta cycle should only last a short period.

Should I use a beta version?

Beta versions may contain issues. Those issues could vary from a small annoyance to a major issue that prevents you from signing in to your server. Do not use a beta version if you are unable to provide bug reports with app-logs and reproducible steps.

How do I report problems?

If you encounter a problem, we would appreciate a detailed issue with app-logs and reproducible steps so we can fix the problem before release. To do this, you will need an account on GitHub and open an issue on the repository for the app.

Where do I get the beta?

The beta releases are only available on the Google Play store or in our own repository. Users of F-Droid or the Amazon Appstore can sideload the apk files available in our repository or wait for the release.

What about the Amazon Appstore?

The Amazon Appstore has no options for beta apps. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot provide beta versions of the app to users who do not have a Play Store on their device.

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