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Jellyfin Android v2.4.0 - More audio codecs, stability improvements and various tweaks

· 2 min read
Max Rumpf
Android Mobile Lead

Compared to the last major release, Jellyfin Android 2.4.0 isn't as feature packed, but it still includes some useful changes and various fixes. Read on to learn more!

The biggest improvement right of the start is support for additional audio codecs in the integrated video player, allowing even more media to direct play on your device. Specifically, that includes Dolby Digital, Digital Plus and TrueHD, as well as DTS and Linear PCM audio, all commonly found on DVDs and Blu-rays, but also a more universal AAC support.

Additionally, The integrated player now follows the rewind/fast forward preferences selected in the Jellyfin settings.

Apart from that, connection reliability was again improved, handling timeouts properly now and showing a progress indicator while the app connects (thus it won't be stuck on black screen anymore).

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Direct downloads are always available from our repository.

Full Release Notes

The full (technical) release notes are available on GitHub.


As always, lots of great people contributed in this release:

Jellyfin Team



If you have some experience with Android development and are interested in contributing yourself, feel free to dive into the source code on GitHub and open pull requests!

Alternatively, you can help translating the app into your language on our Weblate.