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Welcome to our New Website

· 2 min read
Joshua Boniface
Project Leader

Welcome to the new Jellyfin website!

After a lot of work from Bill and others, we're pleased to release our new website.

This new site has a couple key features to help make maintenance and finding information easier.

- Joshua

Unified Repository

Under the new repository, we've integrated what used to be 3 repositories into one: jellyfin-blog, jellyfin-docs, and These old repositories will be archived soon to ensure changes are made to the correct location.

This will help a lot on our side with organizing our various pieces of website infrastructure, and hopefully make it easiers for contributors to jump in and contribute documentation.

Better Navigation

Navigation has been improved throughout the site, and hopefully this makes it far easier to find the information you're looking for when you need it.

Improved Pages

The clients page has been drastically improved in order to compact the layout and allow us to showcase many more clients. Similar changes have also been made to the main downloads page to help make what to select even clearer. Several other pages have also gone through various tweaks, including an expanded about page.

Migration to Docusaurus

The new website is built with Docusaurus, which helps improve the building of the website including the documentation.

Left To Do

We still have a few sections of the docs, like the API documentation, to move, but wanted to ensure we got the site out quickly. The old website will still be available at just in case anything there is required in the short term.