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Jellyfin Chat Room Rules

Version 2.0


  1. You shall abide by our Community Standards at all times.

  2. You shall not do any of the following things:

    • Antagonize, flame, insult, demean, abuse, or harass other users or those outside of the community.
    • Dox or otherwise share others' private information, even if it is available publicly.
    • Post offensive, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate content - keep it "Safe For Work" in all channels.
    • Discuss media acquisition or related tools, regardless of its legality. Where your media comes from or how to get it is none of our or our community's business.
    • Spam the chat rooms in any way, including but not limited to Telegram short links and Self advertisement.
    • Post verbatim replies from "AI" Chat systems (e.g. ChatGPT) as answers.
    • Engage in the discussion of media acquisition or related tools, regardless of its legality. Please note that this is different from what is allowed on the forum.
  3. Your username and profile fields shall be appropriate with respect to our above standards and shall not contain swearing, slurs, piracy, or attempts to impersonate others.

  4. You shall ensure you are posting in the correct channel before making a post. Do NOT post the same question in multiple channels.

  5. Please write in English if at all possible, as English is the working language of the Jellyfin project. If you cannot, please write in your native language (with or without attempted English) and ask for a translation if required.

  6. If you are using Jellyfin for commercial purposes or within a business setting, please review our Commercial Support Policy.

  7. Considering that the chat rooms are more likely to see users less experienced with tech, there are additional rules about technical misinformation. Please see the Technical Misinformation Rules below.

  8. There are cases where the rules don't cover. Please act in good faith under all circumstances. Moderation will be done at the team's discretion when not covered by the rules.

Chat Rooms Specifics

  1. This chat lives primarily on Matrix, and is bridged to Discord and IRC. Because of this, you will see the following:

    • On Discord, you will see many people, including most of our team members, with "BOT" next to their names. Most of these are humans, not bots. Our actual bots are called Jeff (Bot) and jeffbridges.
    • On Matrix, you will see many accounts with the IDs @jfdiscord_<some numbers> These are bridged users from Discord.
    • On Discord and Matrix, you will see messages sent from jeffbridges. These are users from IRC.
    • On IRC, you will see messages sent from jeffbridges. These are users from other platforms.
  2. In rare cases, your first message from Discord to the chat may be dropped by the Matrix bridge. Please send a general "Hello" message in #offtopic before posting your questions to ⁠#troubleshooting, or else we may miss it.

  3. Do NOT directly message team members or fellow users or send them friend requests unless you have been asked to do so. Please ask all questions in the wider community channels instead. If you wish to contact the team privately, please refer to the Contact and Punishments section

Technical Misinformation Rules

Since the chat rooms are much more likely to see users less experienced with tech, there are additional rules about technical misinformation specific to the chat rooms.

  1. Definition of Technical Misinformation: Information about technology that can be objectively proven wrong.

  2. You will generally NOT face punishment for simply saying something wrong occasionally. This rule is reserved for users who repeatedly demonstrate their unwillingness / inability to do basic research and / or take corrections from the community.

  3. You may NOT spread information that may violate the ToS (Terms of Service) of other services (eg. Hosting Jellyfin behind Cloudflare). When the ToS is unclear, you should assume that it is against the ToS.

  4. Discussion of topics related to technical misinformation should be limited to #offtopic only.

Contact and Punishments

  1. If you see something against the rules, or something that makes you feel unsafe, let our staff know. We want this server to be a welcoming space for all users of Jellyfin.

  2. If you wish to contact moderators privately, please send an E-mail to us containing all the relevant info on your matter. Contact info can be found on the contact page.

  3. Violation of these rules may result in the following punishments: an informal warning, a formal warning or a ban. If a formal warning has been issued, the next violation will result in a ban. See Community Standards: Dispute Resolution and Moderation for more info.