• Please refresh your Jellyfin Apt key on Debian/Ubuntu

    by Joshua Boniface
    Our GPG key for signing our Debian and Ubuntu repositories (https://repo.jellyfin.org/debian and https://repo.jellyfin.org/ubuntu) is set to expire next month. Unfortunately this was an oversight when we first set up this repo, and we never provided any convenient way to update this. As a remedy, we've removed the expiry on the key and put a new version on the repo. This brings us into line with numerous other 3rd-party Debian repositories, such as the Microsoft .
  • Android v2.1.0 - Jellyfin in your car!

    by Niels van Velzen

    Jellyfin for Android version 2.1 is here with support for Android Auto.

  • Android Developers Rejoice

    by dkanada

    This will be a net benefit for users and developers alike!

  • Client Spotlight: Videotape

    by Jose Maria Villagra

    Videotape is a free lightweight video player for both Windows 10 & Xbox. Their new 3.0 version now supports Jellyfin!

  • Jellyfin Release - v10.6.0

    by Julien Machiels

    After months of work, here comes another behemoth of a release, this time with over 30 major improvements and tons of fixes.

  • Plugin Repositories

    by dkanada

    There have been several changes to plugins for the new release. Here's a quick post going over the biggest updates for developers and users alike.

  • Packaging Updates for 10.6.0

    by Joshua Boniface

    Packaging and building binaries for releases and testing has long been an issue for us. From fighting with duct-tape-and-coat-hanger scripts, to testing breaking changes, to massaging official releases, how we were doing things for the last year-and-a-half needed some improvements.

    Luckily, today they are all completed. In this post, I'll detail the changes as well as what the entail for our users.

    For a brief TL;DR: for most users of our stable releases, not much will change, and you will upgrade to 10.6.0 as you always have. For anyone using nightlies for testing, advanced setups, or who are just curious - read on!

  • Client Spotlight: Infuse for tvOS and iOS

    by Anthony Lavado

    Today, Firecore has launched Infuse 6.4 for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad.

    This release brings official support for Jellyfin, built right in.

  • Jellyfin: Now on Xbox One (UPDATED)

    by Anthony Lavado

    Due to long standing issues with this current release of the Xbox client beta, and incompatibility with the latest release of Jellyfin, we've made the decision to remove it from the store. We hope to return soon, with an updated client. In the meanwhile, please try using the Edge browser, or Kodi with our plug-ins to watch Jellyfin.

  • Jellyfin Release - v10.5.0

    by Julien Machiels

    A myriad of improvements, bugfixes, and a look towards the future.

  • Jellyfin for Kodi Release - v0.5.0

    by Matt Carlton

    Announcing Kodi 19 support, Python 3, and more!

  • Client Spotlight: MPV Shim

    by Ian Walton

    Jellyfin MPV Shim is a lightweight cast-only client that allows you to cast videos from Jellyfin to the MPV Media Player.

  • New Android TV Release - v0.11.0

    by Niels van Velzen

    Thank you for using Jellyfin! This is a major update for the Android TV client.

  • Jellyfin in 2019

    by Joshua M. Boniface

    It feels hard to believe, but the Jellyfin project is now over a year old. With our official founding somewhere around December 8th 2018, Andrew and I weren't sure exactly what was going to happen. Did we have the resources to make a fork of Emby really happen? Were the doubters right in saying that we wouldn't last a year? It seems that we've proven them, and ourselves, wrong.

  • Welcome to the New Website!

    by Anthony Lavado

    Welcome to our brand new website.

    At first glance, it may not look like much has changed - the theme and colours are still the same, and so is our frontpage. What has changed, is what's under the hood. Our website is now built using Hugo, a static-page generator written in Go.

    As part of the move, we've decided to introduce this new blog, where you'll be able to hear more about Jellyfin's new releases, future development, and goals. Occasionally, we'll feature guest posts from some of our own contributors.