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Jellyfin: Now on Xbox One (UPDATED)

· One min read

Due to long standing issues with this current release of the Xbox client beta, and incompatibility with the latest release of Jellyfin, we've made the decision to remove it from the store. We hope to return soon, with an updated client. In the meanwhile, please try using the Edge browser, or Kodi with our plug-ins to watch Jellyfin.

Jellyfin is proud to announce our brand new Xbox One client beta.

Thanks to some very helpful contributors, Jellyfin is now available for your Xbox One:

To get started, use the icon above, or search the store for "Jellyfin". We also plan on expanding this client to Windows in the near future.

Do you have suggestions or ideas on how to improve the experience? Let us know, or visit the project on GitHub.

Happy streaming!