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Jellyfin Roku Release - v1.5.0

· 2 min read
Roku Team

We are excited to announce the release of Jellyfin 1.5.0 for Roku! This update brings many new features to the Roku client and continues improving existing capabilities.

New Features

  • Support for Quick Connect
  • Music playback (single song, album play, and Instant Mix)
  • Added “Network/Genre" View Options to libraries
  • New user settings:
    • Jump back to the first item using back button
    • Blur unwatched episode images
    • Hide taglines on movie screen
    • Use splashscreen image as home background
    • Use splashscreen image as screensaver background
  • Support for showing pre-roll videos
  • Improved Alpha Picker filter on library screens
  • And many more!

Bugs Fixed

  • Transcoding issue resulting from 10.8.0 server update
  • Crash when trying to read subtitle track for live tv
  • Periodic startup crash

Additional Updates

  • More text translations
  • Several important Programmer/Developer updates - making it quicker and easier for us to update the Roku client

Download Now

Update your installed Jellyfin channel on your Roku device or install Jellyfin from the Roku store.

Full Release Notes

The full (technical) release notes are available on GitHub.