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Commercial Support Policy

Jellyfin is an explicitly anti-commercial project; that is to say that we:

  • Are volunteer- and best-effort-only.
  • Will not commercialize the software ourselves.
  • Do not provide payment for development.
  • Do not support bug bounties or other such systems of paid support.
  • Collect donations purely to cover infrastructure and other incidental costs.

Because of this policy, many within the project have mixed feelings about supporting commercial instances of Jellyfin. For example, a streaming service built on it, or a large deployment for business use.

Thus, while Jellyfin is a GNU GPL-licensed project which does not prevent or preclude commercial uses, please be aware that some members of our community do not look kindly on this and, as is their choice under our volunteer-only policy, may not be willing to provide support for commercial implementations. Not everyone feels this way, and such discussions are allowed here (subject to all other rules), but we want to ensure this is explicitly stated to avoid any misunderstandings or misaligned expectations.

In short, if you are expecting support for the commercialization of Jellyfin, please do so respectfully and with the mutual understanding that this is not something everyone might wish to endorse, and no member of the team nor forum community is under any obligation to assist if they do not want to.