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Clients connect your devices to your Jellyfin server and let you view your content on any supported device.


If you are interested in helping out, please see our contribution guide and feel free to contact us for more information!

Client List

A list of all Jellyfin clients can be found on the main Clients page.


Some clients that are no longer maintained can be found in the jellyfin-archive organization on GitHub.


Do you have a client that interfaces with Jellyfin and want to see it listed on the Clients page? Please verify it meets the requirements below and submit a pull request!

Requirements for Inclusion in All Clients

  • Any client meeting the following requirements:
    • Must be aligned with the Jellyfin Community Standards.
      • In particular the client must NOT engage in, encourage, or facilitate piracy.
      • The developer must be in good community standing in accordance to the Community Standards.
    • Must adhere to the Jellyfin Branding Guidelines including usage of the Jellyfin name.
      • This includes usage of the Jellyfin name or org.jellyfin namespace that could hinder the ability to publish an official client to a store in the future.
    • Must include first rate support for Jellyfin servers. (i.e. Support for Jellyfin should be a primary function or at the same level of integration of any other supported services.)
    • Must NOT be specific to or intended to promote a specific hosted Jellyfin server instance.
    • Must have clear open-source licensing and be void of any known issues related to attribution, copyright, or license violations.

The final decision for inclusion is at the discretion of the Jellyfin Contributor Team following the decision-making guidelines in the Jellyfin Constitution.

  • The client must be a first-party client (meaning published and maintained by the Jellyfin team with source freely licensed and available in the Jellyfin GitHub organization.


  • The client must fill a significant void in the current first-party client offerings. Must be a high-quality client on a popular platform.

Supported Browsers

Our goal is to provide support for the two most recent versions of these browsers.

  • Firefox
  • Firefox ESR
  • Chrome
  • Chrome for Android
  • Safari for MacOS and iOS
  • Edge

Older browsers may be supported as a result of the needs of specific web-based clients, but full functionality is not guaranteed on their desktop version.

Additional Client Documentation

📄️ Codec Support

The goal is to Direct Play all media. This means the container, video, audio and subtitles are all compatible with the client. If the media is incompatible for any reason, Jellyfin will use FFmpeg to convert the media to a format that the client can process. Direct Stream will occur if the audio, container or subtitles happen to not be supported. If the video codec is unsupported, this will result in video transcoding. Subtitles can be tricky because they can cause Direct Stream (subtitles are remuxed) or video transcoding (burning in subtitles) to occur. This is the most intensive CPU component of transcoding. Decoding is less intensive than encoding.