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Libraries are virtual collections of media and can contain files from several different locations on the server.

You will see a page to add libraries when you first create the server, but they can also be added or removed at any time from the settings.

  1. Log in to the Jellyfin web interface in your web browser.
  2. On the menu that appears, click Admin > Dashboard.
  3. Then again on the left side menu go to Server > Libraries.
  4. Click "Add Media Library".
  5. The server will now add your new media. There will be a progress bar at the top of the page indicating its progress.


The three most common types of content are movies, shows, and music. These will have the best support in client apps. You can also add other types of media such as books or photos. If you have several types of media in a single folder you can also label it as mixed, which will be a generic folder view that displays all files in the library.


Use of the mixed library type is currently discouraged due to unreliable metadata results. We encourage the use of the dedicated library types.


You can add multiple paths that will all be shown under the same library. The path selection dialog will allow you to select folders visually, but if you can't find the exact location you can also just enter the path manually.