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Excluding a directory

Directories, and their respective media files, can be excluded from the library scan. This can be achieved by placing a .ignore file in the directory you want to exclude. As a result, the directory, and it's subdirectories, will be excluded from being scanned and shown to the end user.


When placing a .ignore file inside a directory, make sure to refresh/ rescan the metadata afterwards for it to be applied.

The example given below results in the directories Season 03 and OST being ignored:

└── Series (2010)
├── Season 01
│ ├── ...
├── Season 02
│ ├── ...
├── Season 03
│ ├── .ignore
│ └── ...
└── OST
├── .ignore
└── ...

Currently, placing a .ignore file inside an Extras directory does not work.