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The most common organization scheme for books is separation by Audiobook then by Author.

├── Audiobooks
│ ├── Author
│ │ ├── Book1.flac
│ │ └── Book2.flac
│ └── Book
│ ├── Chapter1.flac
│ └── Chapter2.flac
└── Books
└── Author
├── Book1.epub
├── Book2.epub
├── Book
│ ├── Book1.epub
│ ├── cover.ext
│ └── metadata.opf
└── Book3.mp3

File extensions supported include azw, azw3, cb7, cbr, cbt, cbz, epub, mobi, and pdf.

Local Metadata

In case the book is stored in the epub format, internal metadata can be provided. For every other format, metadata has to be provided externally in a content.opf or metadata.opf file. When multiple books have been published by the same author, it is recommended to place each book into a seperate folder. This allows to provide local metadata for every book.

Either the content.opf or the metadata.opf file can tell Jellyfin which file should be used for the books cover. Usually, this is the cover.ext file. The abbreviation ext stands for extension, e.g. .png or .jpg.


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